Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hola blogspot peoples. This is just an update on whats been going on in my life. So to start, i got some our generation things from walmart.ca. I got the laundrey set,car,sewing set,travel set, and also, Im going to the american girl place this summer, while stopping on my way to florida and jamaica. Im considering buying the MAG/JLY with black hair,hazel eyes,freckles and long hair. I want to name her: Olive. or Olivia for long. Or maybe amelia,and call her amie for short. Well, im not even sure if im buying this doll, but hey,theres nothing wrong with fantacising,right? Im seeing one direction in concert too,because they happen to be amazing. My birthdays coming up too, so im hoping to save up money to prolong my collection and extend my family of many wonderful dolls,thanks to the wonderful brand known as no other-american girl<3. And lately with the new up to day blogspot, i can see how many views i've been getting,and theres ALOT. it makes me so happy to know my viewers like what they're reading on their screens. There was almost 2000 views! thanks for your support, i have a youtube- ashleyAGdoll which hopefully will have videos in the fall once my american girl dollhouse is complete. so if you like reading my blog, then ill be updating whenever free time comes to me. thanks again everyone,this means the world to me that my hobby online is becoming sucessful. -Ashley.