Tuesday, 18 September 2012


OMG I HAVE ALMOST 3000PAGEVIEWS hnka,sdfhldsfhdsjlfdhakfhd;kajfafhds;afdsjk. *magic poof of under control-ness* okay okay,were good.

i got caroline abbot. oo-0000-ooo-OO. actually,the mail chick or mail dude does. but then,SHES MINE,MINE,MINE I TELL YOU. MUAHAHAHAA. and once again, ive had one too many gummy worms,today. v.v okay, one to many handfulls, today.

im bored. *mcflurry slurp* la de de. I like myfroggystuffs videos. check 'em out, and prepare, for the awesomeness that is-creativity.

hm,now what. I KNOW OMG, time for my song;

im insecure,i know what for,im no danielle,perrie, or elan-o-or, i sit at home, on google chrome, looking at 1D pix all alone,

im amazing,we all know. we all know,come on man, im awesome.

BYE-im bored now.    -hehe guhbye