Friday, 23 December 2011

Doll crafting- make mini magazines

first you will need materials such as: -tape, -some old magazines (like not catalouges, magazines as in about celebrities and stuff)   -scissors  -stapler  -cardboard

How to do it:  so take some old magazines, and cut out some small pictures, such as maybe examples of other magazines you can buy, like in the M magazines or pop star mag's. Then take the pictures and you choose, magazine, or poster. If you don't have any magazines you want to cut up, why not print the examples of magazine covers down below? :) make sure they fit the size of your doll before you print, so i'de make it wallet sized. Next, if your making it into a magazine, cut out the same size sheet of cardboard as your wallet print or smaller sized picture,
then glue or tape it to the mini-magazine cover. (optional->) then, if you'de like, you can tape come folded and cut paper to the cardboard side of the cover, and then tape or staple MORE cardboard to the back of the folded paper. Tip- make sure that everything you cut for the magazine, fits the size of the cover!

i THINK this might be goty2012!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How to make an american girl doll hamster cage.

 Ok, so materials are;  -Some hamster erasers,
 -A small clear box/container. -tape, hay, (or straw) and glue. -bottle cap

procedure; Okay, so take your small clear container or box, and fill the bottom with some liquid, or stick glue. If you want it to stick really well, i suggest a hot glue gun, but if you decide to go with that option, you may need help, as it is a HOT glue gun. moving on, sprinkle some farm hay, or straw, like on a straw hat, across the glue puddles. after you finish that, you take your water bottle cap, and glue it to a peice of cardboard, then gluing the cardboard down to the hay, if you wish, you could take a littlest pet shop water dish or something and glue it down too. Then take your hamster eraser, or whatever you chose to be a hamster, and place it down in its new home!

Monday, 19 December 2011


hey guys, realising i haven't been blogging in a little while, i thought i would now, considering i've been busy with christmas and everything, so for christmas this year, im asking for a doll that looks like me :) heres the link, shes a my american girl-.  she has blonde hair, blue eyes, *curly hair* a few freckles, and im gonna bedazzle her with the raspberry glasses xD alrighty, well im gonna go  do something, so i hope santas good to you all, have a merry christmas, to you and your dolls!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

How to make flooring for your dolls.

                        Okay guys, so as most of my crafts are, this is quite easy. All you'll be needing is...

Materials Needed:  -A Peice of floorboard, and thats it!

Okay so i would recommend using some flooring thats lying around not being used. Dont use any flooring that however you ARE using.

Okay, so ask for permission from your parents before you take any peices of floor-board, because as i said, it may be being used for something. After they say its alright to use, lay it down in whatever doll room you wish. In my american girl doll house, i have a big box, and in every huge box is a room. and i have flooring or carpet (a rug for the carpet) layed down. So in my BIG pink and yellow box, i have my stove, fridge, washing machine, ect, then i layed down a peice of floor-board, IN the box. :) so whatever suites your doll house, lay down the flooring :)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How to make a doll bath-tub.

Materials Needed: - A Circular Big Container (Without Lid, AND that fits your doll's size)
     -Tape,   -Some Old glue stick Caps/Lids, -Some Wire Or Cardboard, (Something for the faucet)

How To Make: Okay, so this is really easy, and i even made it too for all of my dolls. Hopefully if i can find out how, ill post a picture of how mine looks. Okay,Moving on, first take your large circular container, without its lid on, and test to see if it fits your dolls proper size. Then after you know it fits, begin crafting. First take some tape,(I recommend clear tape) And Take Your two glue caps, write an H on one for the hot water , and a C on the other for cold. tape then to your bath tub but leave a space between the two glue caps for our faucet. Next, take some clear white or whatever color wire (or cardboard) and make a faucet shape. (Pipe-cleaner works Too!) and after a tap-like shape is made, tape it down between the two Glue stick lids, and voila! make sure the faucet and everything is secure and neat looking, Have fun, and craft at your own risk!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Snowday! UPDATE !

Hey everyone, gonna be blogging alot today due to the day off!! hopefully its like this tommorow and ill have an even longer weekend :)  Theres ALOT of snow so, yeah. anyways,bye!

Monday, 21 November 2011

How to make another easy-minute-make bed. (Bunk-beds)

Okay guys, so you wont believe how easy to make and how cute this bed turns out, and all your need is:
-A shoe rack with at least two shelving units
-Bedding/Pillows of your choice
Procedure: Okay, like i said VERY easy, first you need a shoe rack. but before you use it, ask your parents/guardian if its Okay to use this shoe rack because they may need it for whatever reason. Okay, moving on, next all you do is take the bedding you'de wish to place on your un-finished bunk beds however you like it. I Like this craft because you don't need to buy anything and you get to be as creative as you want!:) Don't forget to  make sure the shoe rack fits the size of your doll!:) However, if you don't have any bedding or pillows to fit the size of your doll, maybe with permission from your parents, you could cut an old scarf to fit the size of a through on blanket for your doll bed , or even fold up some pillow shams or towels! be creative,and craft at your own risk!:) 

How to make an easy-home.made doll sink!

Materials needed: -Some paint with color of your choice ,  -some cardboard, - a medium size box, -a container , a small black stone

How to make :   ok first cut a nice shape for your sink such as a long tall one. you can even draw on a little cupboard or drawer if you wish. but before you do that, dont forget to paint your sink with your favourite color paint! dont worry, if you have no paint at home you can use, then why not wrap it up with colored paper and tape the sides,?  okay next step is to cut a hole at the top and place in a container for the sink. then cut a cardboard shape to use as a faucet. dont forget to put a small black stone in the taped container for a plug! all done!

Make a doll DS- dont forget, you can make a ton of games our of paper and cardboard! (PS check out some of my older posts for more craft ideas!)