Thursday, 30 August 2012

new american girl gear.

I was on facebook today-of course,lol..- and i saw the most beautiful set,soon to release by american girl. there was a chalet,a beautiful ice skating outfit, and more. i only fret the long line of numbers that will be the price.

      i also really REALLY like caroline abbots colection. shes very pretty, and somewhat like my doll;ashley, with longer hair. she also reminds me of lanie,who ive wanted for quite some time,now. she has a parlor set thats 300 dollars-oh brother-and a bed,table and chairs, a sailboat, matching pajamas, and more! if you'de like to view her collection, visit

thats all for now! :) CHRISTMAS IS 117 DAYS AWAY. not that im counting? (psh,yeah i am. and it makes my parents sick since its august,mwahahaha)