Monday, 2 April 2012


Sorry i Havent been updating Since like, Early New Year, ive been busy. Sick alot, school, projects, tests,dance and the list goes on.But anyways, alot has happned since my last update, for one i found out that im building a dollhouse for my AG dolls in the summer of this year- 2012, i've become hunger games obsessed, and made SO many wonderful crafts.Also, for my birthday im asking for mckennas loft bed, and my parents said maybe,  so hopefully thats a yes. also, I ordered a new set of doll glasses, my others broke, and the petals and posies matching dresses, so yeah! just trying to keep you up in the beat of whats going on, anyways, if I can fit in time, ill try to blog more crafts and what not, until then, happy easter!


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