Monday, 16 July 2012

Oh brother,yet another!

Guess what...? At this very moment, american girl employees are packaging up my beautiful...NEW DOLL! they're packing her box and sealing her hair net,in hopes that she will be on a mail truck soon! I personally have admired this beauty since the day i saw her vinyl face. Her name shall be declared as Aubrey. Her background will include a love for sports and girly glamour. wanna get a first hand glimpse at her? here she is! Aubrey with blonde hair,blue eyes, pink blouse,gray skirt. shes amazing. I adore her so much. I wanted to purchase a new doll at the american girl store in new york city when I visited on june 24th, but my parents said it would be difficult for the airlines to allow her to pass through the aircraft, as she and my other items would consume space on our way to florida and montego bay,Jamaica. I had an amazing vacation, but after nearly 3 weeks away from my puppy and my dolls at home, I was thrilled to be back in home sweet home! :-) well, that'de be all the news as of now, OH WAIT NO ITS NOT OMG.... i got a perry the platypus plush.....okay now im done! :) :) be do be do-oap do be do be do-oap.

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