Monday, 21 November 2011

How to make another easy-minute-make bed. (Bunk-beds)

Okay guys, so you wont believe how easy to make and how cute this bed turns out, and all your need is:
-A shoe rack with at least two shelving units
-Bedding/Pillows of your choice
Procedure: Okay, like i said VERY easy, first you need a shoe rack. but before you use it, ask your parents/guardian if its Okay to use this shoe rack because they may need it for whatever reason. Okay, moving on, next all you do is take the bedding you'de wish to place on your un-finished bunk beds however you like it. I Like this craft because you don't need to buy anything and you get to be as creative as you want!:) Don't forget to  make sure the shoe rack fits the size of your doll!:) However, if you don't have any bedding or pillows to fit the size of your doll, maybe with permission from your parents, you could cut an old scarf to fit the size of a through on blanket for your doll bed , or even fold up some pillow shams or towels! be creative,and craft at your own risk!:) 

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