Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How to make a doll bath-tub.

Materials Needed: - A Circular Big Container (Without Lid, AND that fits your doll's size)
     -Tape,   -Some Old glue stick Caps/Lids, -Some Wire Or Cardboard, (Something for the faucet)

How To Make: Okay, so this is really easy, and i even made it too for all of my dolls. Hopefully if i can find out how, ill post a picture of how mine looks. Okay,Moving on, first take your large circular container, without its lid on, and test to see if it fits your dolls proper size. Then after you know it fits, begin crafting. First take some tape,(I recommend clear tape) And Take Your two glue caps, write an H on one for the hot water , and a C on the other for cold. tape then to your bath tub but leave a space between the two glue caps for our faucet. Next, take some clear white or whatever color wire (or cardboard) and make a faucet shape. (Pipe-cleaner works Too!) and after a tap-like shape is made, tape it down between the two Glue stick lids, and voila! make sure the faucet and everything is secure and neat looking, Have fun, and craft at your own risk!

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