Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to make a Mini mug for your AG dolls!

Okay i found this in my new edition of the american girl doll magazines [ not the catalouges,the magazine:) ]  all you need is a marsh-mallow, a bendy candy cane,and a small gingerbread cookie,and some icing glue. by the way, this can be a craft for your doll OR a snack for you!! okay heres what to do,

How to make the actual mug: place some icing glue on the gingerbread cookie and place down the marshmallow. then take your bendy candy cane peice and bend it while placing some icing glue over the ends. (icing glue is the edible baking glue you use to make ginger bread houses and what not) stick the candy cane that is bend like a C shape and icing glue it to the side of the marshmallow. Voila! a snack for you, or a creative winter doll mug!~ dont forget guys, you can maybe put cut up black licorice over the top of the marshmallow with icing glue as the hot chocolate, be creative and cook/craft at your own risk!!

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