Friday, 23 December 2011

Doll crafting- make mini magazines

first you will need materials such as: -tape, -some old magazines (like not catalouges, magazines as in about celebrities and stuff)   -scissors  -stapler  -cardboard

How to do it:  so take some old magazines, and cut out some small pictures, such as maybe examples of other magazines you can buy, like in the M magazines or pop star mag's. Then take the pictures and you choose, magazine, or poster. If you don't have any magazines you want to cut up, why not print the examples of magazine covers down below? :) make sure they fit the size of your doll before you print, so i'de make it wallet sized. Next, if your making it into a magazine, cut out the same size sheet of cardboard as your wallet print or smaller sized picture,
then glue or tape it to the mini-magazine cover. (optional->) then, if you'de like, you can tape come folded and cut paper to the cardboard side of the cover, and then tape or staple MORE cardboard to the back of the folded paper. Tip- make sure that everything you cut for the magazine, fits the size of the cover!

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