Saturday, 10 December 2011

How to make flooring for your dolls.

                        Okay guys, so as most of my crafts are, this is quite easy. All you'll be needing is...

Materials Needed:  -A Peice of floorboard, and thats it!

Okay so i would recommend using some flooring thats lying around not being used. Dont use any flooring that however you ARE using.

Okay, so ask for permission from your parents before you take any peices of floor-board, because as i said, it may be being used for something. After they say its alright to use, lay it down in whatever doll room you wish. In my american girl doll house, i have a big box, and in every huge box is a room. and i have flooring or carpet (a rug for the carpet) layed down. So in my BIG pink and yellow box, i have my stove, fridge, washing machine, ect, then i layed down a peice of floor-board, IN the box. :) so whatever suites your doll house, lay down the flooring :)

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