Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How to make an american girl doll hamster cage.

 Ok, so materials are;  -Some hamster erasers,
 -A small clear box/container. -tape, hay, (or straw) and glue. -bottle cap

procedure; Okay, so take your small clear container or box, and fill the bottom with some liquid, or stick glue. If you want it to stick really well, i suggest a hot glue gun, but if you decide to go with that option, you may need help, as it is a HOT glue gun. moving on, sprinkle some farm hay, or straw, like on a straw hat, across the glue puddles. after you finish that, you take your water bottle cap, and glue it to a peice of cardboard, then gluing the cardboard down to the hay, if you wish, you could take a littlest pet shop water dish or something and glue it down too. Then take your hamster eraser, or whatever you chose to be a hamster, and place it down in its new home!


  1. and craft at your own risk!

  2. You are really creative! I wish I could do thinks like that! x ♥

  3. you can also use a fun duck tape (maybe ones with fun prints) and some peices of packing plastic.